Commercial SSL certificates on Aegir 1.x

Installing an SSL certificate on Aegir 1.x is a bit tricky, but definitely manageable. It is easy to bring all your sites down if you don’t follow these exact steps. Running a “verify” task on your site, either intentionally or inadvertently, will rewrite your SSL config and attempt to restart apache, which, if everything is not set up perfectly, will cause fatal errors upon restart and lock you out of your Aegir control panel until they are fixed.  Check out the latest documentation from the Aegir project here before following this documentation to ensure that everything matches, but do note the specifics pointed out in the steps below:

1.) Let Aegir generate its own self-signed certificate, which will create two files in /var/aegir/config/server_master/ssl.d/SITENAME.COM/:

root@aegir-prod:/var/aegir/config/server_master/ssl.d/ ls 

openssl.crt <– Replace this Aegir-generated file with the X.509 cert file from the cert provider.

openssl.key <– Replace this with the .key file generated for the CSR. Or, even better, just use this file rather than generating the CSR yourself.

2.) Add the bundle / intermediate file to this same directory, but you must name it “openssl_chain.crt” in order for Aegir to recognize or “import” this file.

 openssl_chain.crt <– This is the bundle / intermediate cert file from the cert provider, which must be created manually. It *must* be named exactly like this.

3.) If you don’t follow these exact steps, or forget to add the bundle / intermediate cert file, when Aegir runs a “verify” task on your site again (or if you run it yourself), Apache will fail to restart, and all your sites will go down! So, before you run a “verify” task on the site on the front-end to complete the installation, be prepared to comment out the SSL settings for your site at /var/aegir/config/server_master/apache/vhost.d/SITENAME.COM, restart apache, fix your errors, and start over.


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